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Familiar System Revamp 2020 Questions


  • iArrowZiArrowZ
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    edited July 2020
    There has been a very clear issue arise with the familiar update.

    and it all stems in a lack of clarity and transparency and consistency with your own words
    - patch notes or otherwise - not *you* specifically

    for starters % on buffs and effects should clearly be visible on things like drop rate and mp/hp healing. we should know exactly what we are getting and how much of it.
    we need to know clearly how the stats apply to our characters. and things like if multiple familiars with the same stat actually stack.

    3 familiars with drop rate will give whatever boost? or will only 1 familiar boost drop rate?

    Reboot is literally screaming to know why they will not have red familiar cards
    i have made my own arguements as to why that may be but all in all after alot of - rather rude - rebuttal they should seriously consider putting access to red familiar cards at the very least in the reward shop in reboot and main servers.


    I made this point on the first attempt at the revamp which eventually shut down like 2 days in.. the forums were all over that..

    The base drop rate is Disgustingly low - even for the commons -
    its great that some familars that pretty much were never seen actually drop now - but that doesn't negate the huge time sink obtaining them is -

    on top of that epics seem to be even harder to get now. i dont even wanna talk about uniques if they even drop.

    The famiiar shop alone if it was to be utilized properly requires spending about 20k familiar points a week. you do want us using that shop right?

    Considering the game pretty much starts at 200+ now its extremely ironic that familiars in those level ranges hardly - if ever - drop familiars.
    let alone at a reasonable drop rate that will make maplers want to even engage in the content outside of farming badges.

    familiars need to at the very least be a fairly common drop in order for the familiar system to be even remotely reasonable.
    not only because it will just make the system work properly but it also means the game is just in general more healthy.
    and everyone can progress at a reasonable rate..

    i have been talking - and purposefully - arguing on the forums and reddit for about 3 days now to come to these conclusions along with playing myself.

    I purposefully left out how familars with certain stats were unchanged. as i think its a bit more complicated than just " reset" everyone.
  • tikylertikyler
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    Are there any plans to add familiars (as drops) and badges for: Omega Sector, Korean Folk Town, Gold Beach, Scrapyard, Dark World Tree, or any of the areas in Grandis or Arcane River?

    Edit: I think there are impossible to get familiars . For example Hoblin PQ mobs dont drop familiars, and the cash shop doesnt sell a pack that can give you some of the cards, like elite hoblin.
  • BoredEricaBoredErica
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    What is 'item acquisition rate 10%'? How does it differ from just drop rate +10%?