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Illegal and Malicious Program Detected Fix 5/15

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Hi Maplers,

We applied a fix for the 'Illegal and Malicious Program Detected' client crash at 2 PM PDT.
Please restart your client for the fix to be applied.

Thank you.


  • OkitsMsOkitsMs
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    Thanks, Ghiblee.
  • WalStoryWalStory
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    I managed to get in for 5 min and the lag is unbearable until I am banned from the game. Then, try to enter again and I get this!


    Try to enter again and I keep getting this message, check my internet and it is working perfectly.

    IGN: AvengerGAU8
    World: Aurora

    I hope I can solve the problem soon!
  • CannonizeCannonize
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    Awesome, thank you!
  • PerceptivityPerceptivity
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    Awesome another bug bites the dust!