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[beast tamer] warning!

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edited June 2020 in General Chat
Do not reset you bear skills if you have bear assault skill!!

If you reset sp while you had bear assault it won't let you put sp in bear assault

Edit: tested it more you can put skills into said skill however skill destribution is really glitchy/buggy.



  • XenomataXenomata
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    edited June 2020
    Hm... I was having the "unable to put SP into a skill" problem with Hawk Form's Veteran Formation, and before that I was having trouble putting SP into Bird's-Eye View.
    Was the specific problem you were having that, when putting SP into the skill, it gave an initial SP value of 0 (for all other skills it'll give the maximum possible SP), won't go higher than 1, and won't work anyway?
  • RexaarRexaar
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    Use the expanded skill tree to put points skill.
  • KrimlockKrimlock
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    Rexaar wrote: »
    Use the expanded skill tree to put points skill.

    That half way works...till you scroll down and it flips back to doing 0skill points again...oi my bad i jumped the gun it works for some reason my expanded skill tree was off screen O_o