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[NA Reboot] Recruiting > Habitat

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Guild: Habitat
Server: Reboot
Guild Leader: Sirtuina
Guild Juniors: CrispyFresh, AlexFiory
Alliance: Wisteria (allied with Fiction)

Habitat is currently recruiting active and friendly members! We are a small new guild looking to become a close-knit community. We do not have any level requirements to join, but capping guild contribution points/checking-in daily is encouraged. The average age of our members is in the 20s, but we are open to all demographics. Our members are currently split pretty evenly between EST and PST time zones. We have an active Discord server and run GPQ weekly. We hope to host some fun guild events in the future when we have more members.

As a guild, we are committed to helping each other progress in-game.

We currently offer the following weekly carries:
- Chaos Root Abyss
- Hard Magnus
- Normal Lotus/Damien (with the appropriate amount of GP)
- Scrapyard/Dark World Tree weekly quest carries for your alts

Guild Rules:
- Be kind and courteous. Toxic behavior will not be tolerated
- No hacking/botting
- Inacitivty for long periods of time without notifying guild leadership in advance might result in a kick

If you are looking for a place to call home with a friendly group that will help you grow, Habitat is definitely the place for you! Come be part of our family~

Apply in-game or contact the guild leader via Discord if you have any questions! (OneFineLad#6324).


  • vertigoalexvertigoalex
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    Still recruiting. Contact us if you'd like to join :)
  • HennessyXOHennessyXO
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    Hi are you guys still recruiting ? I don’t even know what server I’m on but I play in the bera world. I’m just posting on random recruiting threads to see whose responsive considering these posts have aged.