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Burning Leaf Zone glitch / Ark Glitch?

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I am trying to play through the ark story, after the intro finishes, and I am about to do the first quest, I get teleported to the mushroom grass area, with only the 'scrooge storage keeper' and the 'mover character world leap' npc's there. and no way to get out . and no visible way to progress. I haven't played maplestory since i was a kid and was really hoping to play. any help would be appreciated.


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    As was described in the patch notes, and as Maple Admin says in a yellow message on the right side of your screen when you log in to Burning World, the leveling part of the Burning World ended September 17th.
    Right now all that can be done in that world is Leap characters who have reached level 150 or higher to the other worlds.

    Please recreate your Ark in one of the other worlds, and then you'll be able to play it normally.