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Quick Select for Item Fuse in Ardentmill

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Hello all:

My suggestion is a fairly straightforward one to expand upon a function already in the game.

When you are in Ardentmill breaking down equipment, once you have opened the "Alchemy" window for extracting items, the game permits you to right click on the items in your inventory to quickly auto-designate them in the list for extraction. This is a great feature for quickly inserting 10 items and performing the extraction.

I would like to see this ability to right click for quick designation be made possible for the "Fuse Item" option that also exists under Alchemy. I usually run a lot of mules that, upon hitting lvl 98 I will set them up to run Daily NZak for quite some time as a fast level option for multiple characters. While doing this, I also equip and hold onto the Zakum Helmets so I can build charm on those characters while they slowly progress. I will fuse these helmets after equipping so that I can get more charm from the resulting item, so on and so forth. (This is nothing revolutionary, I know)

But the process of going from 32 zakum helmets and fusing to 16, equipping all of them, then fusing to 8 and equipping, then fusing to 4 and equipping, etc. becomes much more tedious with the forced Click and Drag option that exists for this dialog window.

If we could have the Right Click function applied to the Fuse window interface, I think this would be a very nice improvement. There should be little overheard work to make it happen, as the base concept exists in the extraction window already.

There's a chance I'm maybe missing a key detail that would complicate this, but I wanted to put this idea out there.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Kind regards,


  • iSouvenirsiSouvenirs
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    I know this isn't an answer to your right clicking, but using the hotkeys inside the item tab might make it a bit faster to extract items/fuse. I mainly say this because using these hotkeys makes it so you don't have travel to the bottom left of Ardentmill and you don't have to open up your alchemy window.
  • ADeliColdCutADeliColdCut
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    Hello iSouvenirs,

    Thank you for the recommendation on using this shortcut to speed up the accessibility of the fuse item window.

    For my suggestion, it would really come into effect after you have opened up the Fuse Item window, in whatever manner one has decided to access it. (Inventory Window Button; Bottom Left Alchemy Book in Ardentmill; Opening Professions Tab and opening fusing window).

    I know that the time savings I'm proposing might seem small, but the other issue is that Ardentmill is prone to lag and this impacts many of the user key inputs that will compound this process of fusing copious amounts of items like when you have 30+ Zakum Helmets you are farming charm from in my example.

    Thank you again for the recommendation and your input on the matter.