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Newbie Questions :)

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Hello! Thank you so much for answering my first post here, you have been completely helpful. I have some more questions. Sorry if these questions are so basic, I've tried my best to find the answers by myself with google before asking here, I promise!

1. Where can I find the mathematical formula for calculating the very end damage numbers that we see with our damage skins when our characters successfully hit monsters, in relation with variables like ATT, Stats, Skills damage percentage, etc? I've heard that Strategywiki is a good source, is that right? Any other good sources? And also, is there an official word for "The very end damage numbers that we see with our damage skins when our characters successfully hit monsters..."? It's such an important thing but soooo long to say, I'm sure there is an official word for it but I don't know it.
2. Is the term "Damage" strictly defined as the number range (e.g. 137438 ~154247) in the title Damage in our Character Stat window?
3. What is the term "Total Damage"? I know it's different from "Final Damage", but I don't know exactly what it is.
4. What is the difference between the terms "ATT power" and just "ATT"? Are they the same thing? For example, Hayato's link skill uses the term "ATT power +x", and my equipment's information uses the term "ATT increase", and I was wondering if those two terms are different.
5. Is the following true or false: For Magician equipments, the term ATT in the equipment information means Magic ATT.
6. Is the following true or false: Magicians cannot use ATT power. (The description of Hayato's link skill uses the term ATT power and Magic ATT power in a way that suggests that ATT power cannot benefit Magicians.)
7. What are buffs exactly? From my understanding, I think it means any skills that can increase your character's very end damage numbers against monsters? I think buffs do not include equipment? Do buffs include items like potions or coupons?

Thank you. Those are all of my questions for now.


  • BlasterMasterBlasterMaster
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    1. Strategywiki is a little outdated, but mostly, yes.
    2. I believe so
    3. That's a very complicated system, this link should explain it:
    4. I believe ATT power is "base attack", as in, ATT before Buffs.
    5. False. Magic ATT is a separate statistic.
    6. They can (with their regular weapon attack), but they're terrible at it.
    7. A buff is defined as any temporary bonus to any score that benefits the character. Buffs can improve your AC, ATT, Skills, or even Drop chances, can be considered Buffs. Consumables like potions and coupons both bestow buffs, as do some Skills, both yours and those given by other players. Equipment does not, as the benefit is not temporary, unless you remove the equipment in question. A "debuff", on the other hand, is something that hinders the character, like a condition.
  • RexaarRexaar
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    The formula section is updated as new stuff is discovered or disproven on reddit (if there are conflicts with different maplestory version the reddit detective will eventually find out eventually)

    The community refer to the "damage" section in character stat window as "range" or "damage range"

    +%total damage is renamed to just %damage.

    "+%damage" and "+%damage vs boss" stack additively with itself and other sources .
    (Example: character has 75% damage and 200% damage vs boss, so if they are fighting a boss, their damage is boosted by 275%)
    (which is why no one want %damage on weapon/secondary potential when boss damage give 2-3x more)

    +%Final damage is a straight out damage multiplier that multiplies with other sources of +%final damage and is calculated at the final step of the damage formula. There is no way to obtain more %+final damage outside of innate class privilege so don't ever worry about it.
    (Example: Hero class come with 4 different sources of +%final damage [+120%, +10%, +25%, +25%], at the very end their damage is calculated as [result damage formula * 2.2 * 1.10 * 1.25 * 1.25]

    ATT power = ATT, just a localization translation issue
    ATT increase refer to how much your damage increase in your character stat window (regardless of class)

    If playing a mage class, "ATT increase" is calculated using magic attack
    ATT only work on non-mage class. (currently in GMS, mage regular attack swing uses ATT formula, but a future patch will change it to use MATT formula, but this affect nothing gameplay wise)
    MATT only works on mage class. (non-mages classes of the Flora race convert tiny bit of MATT from non-weapons into ATT due to their innate skill)

    Buff are temporary stat increase that show up in the top right corner of your screens.
    Anything that show up in the top right corner is considered buffs.
  • loveandpeaceloveandpeace
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    Thank you both so much, I'm getting better at this thanks to you guys. I really appreciate your time to answer.