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Beast Tamer: Memory Lane Quest Line

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I'm a Beast Tamer and I'm trying to do the Temple of Time quest line. I'm on the quest that requires you to go back to the person who helped you with your first job advancement. I've seen other guides say to go to Bluffing Tom in Stump Town, but I've visited him and there was no option to complete the quest when talking to him. I also have visited Grendal the Old just in case, but it was the same. Now, I'm lost and don't know where to go in order to compete this quest and progress.

Anyone know where to go for Beast Tamers?


  • SyphikiSyphiki
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    Hi there! Bluffing Tom should be the correct NPC for the advancement questline. It should be labeled as: "[Beast Tamer] Where You Came From."

    If you're having troubles seeing it, you need to have done the Temple of Time questline itself. You should have "[Temple of Time] Lost Memory" finished before you can proceed. Have you done those quests yet?