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Hi all!

I started playing MapleStory way back, 2008, PRE BIG BANG. And although it's definitely not the same as it used to be (and my character didn't survive the server switch :<), I'm looking for some people to join this Guild so the social aspect of the game is also alive and kicking again. That used to be a big factor in MS, but all my old MS friends stopped playing after the Big Bang. So I'm looking to bring that social aspect back. Hanging in the FM, party questing together. Let's go!

Are you interested in joining an active new GUILD who want to make the best out of the game as we know it today and reminisce about the good old times pre-big bang? Join us! :D (Guild name: PREBIGBANG)

Guild Name: PreBigBang
Server: Luna [EU]
Requirements: No requirements, would be + if you played Maple pre-bigbang too!
Contact: Apply by opening the guild window > search guilds then apply to PreBigBang


  • origaliliorigalili
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    ahoyyyyyy finally someone's doing it! im joining as soon as i finish downloading again, thank you for doing this! i hope this will keep in the game for more than a day and make me feel the old feeling i used to have while playing this game :D
  • LookTwiceLookTwice
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    Him, im a player from the old days :) And im back haha. Im looking for an active guild with my Dark Knight lvl 201. Ill send a friend request to you listed above :)