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Am I missing something?

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In the patch notes they stated:

"Separate sections for the amount of mesos obtainable for Lv. 200 - 249 and Lv. 250 and above will be added."

Highest I see so far is still the same old 200+.


  • RexaarRexaar
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    The line of text was probably talking about this and not new zones

    The amount of mesos obtainable will be reduced.
    Lv. 105 - 159: reduced to 50%
    Lv. 160 - 199: reduced to 50% - 70%
    Lv. 200: reduced to 70%
    Lv. 201- Lv. 249: reduced to 70% - 90%
    Lv. 250 and above: reduced to 90%