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Pre Big Bang, a maplestory luna guild

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Hey people, we've all had guilds which didn't quite suit our play style, guilds that don't help out new players and those who just stick around the people theyve known since the beginning, right? Why not joing a guild which is friendly, helpful, constantly going out of their way to make sure we stay together as a community and not a rush to end game solo players. If the idea of making friends no matter your level, skill or wealth is what you're looking for then join us Pre Big bang!!

We may be just starting but we've grown so much over the coming weeks, always having max members for raids, bosses and even when someone just asks for help. The aim of this guild is to bring back what we used to love about maplestory, and that doesnt technically mean that we want to make everything pre big bang. We just want to make maplestory the fun, sociable and goal achieving to all that we come across. We do daily bossing, chill at our guild spot (which may be changed) and have a discord.

We always welcome opionions and criticism from all our memebers as we have a weekly guild meeting for open mic to the guild. We are also working on a scheduled guild event timetable including evening bossing, pq's and many more to come!

Wanna join what will be the best social and impactful guild in maplestory Luna? Come join us, we love meeting new people.


Saliziia (Leader)

FastusRexx (my main, jr leader)

Nagrom (Jr leader)

Once you are in our guild you can also join our discord which is displayed in the guild bulliten board

And as always, have fun and hopefully I'll see you all soon!


  • RexxEsGeddenRexxEsGedden
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    ps, didn't know how to add the banner
  • SaliziiaSaliziia
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    Join us! :)

    We are actually in our second month of starting this Guild, and already 30+ active members. So if you are looking for a nice social Guild, it will be a right fit!
  • xKiruxKiru
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    I can confirm the guild is alive and running Ursus everyday :)
  • RainbowYarnRainbowYarn
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    Very good. Been looking for a guild to join. I'm somewhat returning (again). Currently plainyg a phantom, though that might change eventually.