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Best monster level to gain most EXP ?

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I have seen a few mentions online that you gain most experience by fighting monsters at *exactly* your level.

Is that really the case? Or is it juts monsters withing 10 or 20 levels of your own?

If I can 1HK monsters a few levels below me, but can only 2HK at exactly my level, would I be best going for the 1HK monsters in terms of EXP/hour?


  • MapleSapoMapleSapo
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    Mawg wrote: »
    I have seen a few mentions online that you gain most experience by fighting monsters at *exactly* your level.

    I believe this will be added soon with the many changes they are doing in KMS.

    About the HK, lets go with an example:

    1 HK to kill a monster that gives 100 exp and is 5 levels below VS 2 HK to kill a monster that gives 150 exp. If you have to use 4 hits to kill 2 mobs to receive a total of 300 exp, you could use these 4 hits to kill 4 mobs that give you 100exp each for a total of 400 exp.

    OF COURSE there will be many factors like which map you are on, if this map is good for your class (vertical, plataforms, etc), if the respawn in this map is good (believe me, not all maps are the same, even if they say they are).

    This is just some ideas to think about when chosing your best maps.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    You do get a 20% base exp bonus for fighting monsters within one level of your own.
    However, as MapleSapo pointed out, if you can only get in half as many kills per hour (either because of requiring 2 hits to kill them, or because the map's terrain or spawn are bad), then that's not worth it.

    The game provides us with the Battle Analysis system, which among its other uses can also help find the most efficient place to train. Simply run Battle Analysis for 15 minutes at each map you're considering using, and see which one gives you the most exp.
  • DarkPhxDarkPhx
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    OK....I am trying to figure out what monsters are the best to fight at level 95 to get soul enchanters to drop so I can try to get a soul weapon....so any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks