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Mihile: Sword of Light not hitting 12 mobs

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As the title said it all: Sword of Light isn't hitting 12 mobs (even with 5 stacks Royal Guard) as described in the skill description. I am super new to the class and thus, perhaps I am not understanding the skill right. The detail said "Max Enemy Hits: 12": does this mean it can range anywhere up to 12? (sometimes I only see it hits like....3 mobs (again, even with 5 stacks Royal Guard)). I am definitely a Mihile fan by now and would love to have the skill blow up the map. Being able to only see its hitting like....3 mobs.....is quite of a disappointment T_T

Any Mihile expert can enlighten me on this? - REALLY appreciate it


  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    edited July 8
    That line means it can hit up to 12 enemies if they're in range of the skill, it's not some rng thing where "It might hit 12 if you're lucky".
    If you're finding yourself hitting less than 12 mobs it's because you were in a bad spot. Just tested and the skill is working properly.
  • OccireOccire
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    In addition to above, if you have Roiling Soul turned on (a toggle skill in 4th Job), it reduces the number of monsters your skills hit to 1/3 of normal.