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Error 38 in Gollux

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I started running hellux recently and I keep dc'ing at the exact same part of the fight every time, on Phase 3 at around 50% hp. It has happened 3 times in a row so far, and 4 times in total out of the 5 times I've reached Phase 3. Things to note:

- I restart my client before entering any runs.
- The error I get is Error 38: reached the end of the file.
- It never happened when I was running hardlux.
- It always happens on Phase 3 - I haven't dc'ed before then.
- I'm on NA Reboot, playing Cadena.

If any additional details are needed to find a solution, please let me know! Thanks!


  • proganicproganic
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    edited October 13
    Also forgot to mention I've been using the fallen heart tree key every time!