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Maple LIVE Desk Set-Up Contest

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Hi again Maplers! Do you feel like you could walk On Air? Well we sure do! From now until December 6th at 10 AM PT we are holding a Maple On Air Desk Set-Up contest. Instead of the community team voting for the best set-up, we're recruiting you, the community to vote for the best set-up! Who knows, maybe these submissions will make you too feel like you could walk On Air!

(Note: Contest is being held on Official MapleStory Discord, Official MapleStory Forums, and Official MapleStory Twitter)

How To apply
1. Comment on the forum thread
2. Include the following with entry
-Your In-game name
-World Name
-Your Photo (decorated desk/pc setup)
-(Optional) Short description explaining the theme of your setup

Tips & Criteria
- Keep the photo appropriate!
- Lighting could be key here, but make sure it's not too dark to see!
- Use props to decorate your desk and give it that streamer glamor! LED lights could come in handy here too.
- Show off some Maple pride by including merch or wallpapers on your monitor!
- Give a brief description of the theme you were aiming for!

5 Winners
- Lara Wall Scroll x1
- Lara Sticker Sheets x2
- 10K Maple Points
- I, Snowman Chair
5 Honorary Mentions
- Lara Sticker Sheets x2
- Cocoa Sheep Chair
- Onyx Apple x10 Coupon: Tradeable within account,7-day duration. Use the coupon to obtain Onyx Apple (x10): Untradeable, 7-day duration.

Submissions will close on December 6th at 10 AM PT!



  • LofoLofo
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    In Game Name: Lofo
    Server: Reboot NA
    My Desk Setup:

    Whats On My Desk?

    - Regular Dell Laptop, Nothing Spacial.
    - Macbook Air M1 (Now you can play Maplestory with GeForce Now)
    - Monitor: LG 29inch Ultrawide Monitor, nice for Maplestory Gaming and also productivity work.
    - Webcam: Logitech Brio 4k.
    - Headset: Steelseries Arctis 5.
    - Steelseries Desk pad.
    - Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3 - Works Fine for Maplestory Gaming and productivity work.
    - Keyboard: Logitech G915 TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard
    - Figure: My Handmade In Game Lofo Figure.

    Thank you, and Good Luck to Everyone!
  • ToonathanToonathan
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    In game name: Theadora
    World: Reboot NA

    Hey there! Here is my desk set-up that I use! You can see my collection of figures on the top of my desk with my favorite cartoons and games! These are the shows that inspired me to become an Animator! Good luck to everyone and have a Happy Holidays!