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Lara Art Contest

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Hiya Maplers,

Earthseer Lara will be available on December 1! We just can't wait to meet her as she ventures through with land spirits to uncover the secrets of the mysterious bell. While you enjoy exploring the Maple World with our sweet Anima Lara, we invite our Maplers to draw Lara in your style for a chance to win limited edition Lara merchandise~ :)

(Note: Contest is being held on Official MapleStory Discord and Official MapleStory Forums.)

How to Apply
1. Enter by commenting on this contest post on Forums
2. Include the following with your entry
- Your In-game name
- World Name
- Your artwork of MapleStory's Lara

Tips and Criteria
- The artwork must be of MapleStory's Lara character.
- No explicit content is allowed. Please keep it appropriate and PG-13.
- Try to have fun and be creative as you wish, as long as you follow the guidelines!
- There is no dimension requirement, however, please note that winners' artworks will be created into wallpapers. We encourage you to make the art in a manner that will lend itself well to those styles.

Judging Process
- MapleStory Community team will vote and determine 10 winners.

10 Winners
- Lara Wallscroll
- Lara Sticker Sheet x3
- 10K Maple Points
- Cocoa Sheep Chair
- Winners' art will be created into a wallpaper

Submission Dates
November 24 - December 13 at 10 AM PT