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Need help re-activating an old Account (2020)

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I have recently LUCKILY remembered an old account pass/name, and reset the password for it.

This wouldn't bother me if it wasnt for the fact that i had spent quite a bit of time and effort on said account and lost alot of time and effort which i spent on it.

I tried using the 'self service' page to 'change my email', but due to it being two years since i used the account (last used just before Adele came to GMS), it says 'cannot verify the information you have provided'

The account did NOT have 2 step factor authorization due to not having a cell phone/number at the time.

I cannot re-enter my old email due to forgetting the password for it, and the possibility that it was deleted due to microsoft's 'extended non-use policy' as well.

Is there ANY way i can possibly just change my 'verification' email so i can actually re-log into my accoutn? 'Live Chat' bubble on the site just flat out doesn't work for me (tried it with both normal and incognito chrome and it would not open the link'


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    If you can't log in to the support website, you might need to create a new account to do so, and then create a ticket ("request") explaining the issue with your existing account.