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Puzzle Mania Contests

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Hi Maplers!
We have a new contest for you, this one involves solving puzzles! Throughout the duration of this contest, new puzzle difficulties will unlock. Once completed, upload a screenshot that follows the criteria below to be entered in for a raffle! Each completed puzzle of difficulty will result in your name being added into the raffle once.


How to Apply
1. Enter the following in the Google Form:
- Forum name
- Your In-game name
- World Name
- Your photo containing the following:
- Difficulty
- Time completed
- Completed Puzzle
- Example: https://imgur.com/a/iJp0Vpe

Tips and Criteria
- Each completed submission will add your name to the counter for a raffle.
- Turn on the Shadow option to have the image in the background.
- The Preview button will create a pop-out window of the image.
- Entries may be disqualified if the difficulty is not included in the screenshot.
- It's not a race, take your time! The final completion time will not play any part in picking winners.

Judging Process
- Each completed submission will add your name to the counter for a raffle where 10 winners will be drawn at random.

15 Winners
- Feline Rickshaw Mount
- 5K Maple Point Coupon
- Kino Pet (30 days)

Submission Dates
Puzzle difficulties will unlock with these dates
- Hard: May April 29th - May 3rd at 10 AM PT
- Very Hard: May 3rd - May 6th at 10 AM PT
- Supreme: May 6th - 10th at 10 AM PT