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Kanna nerf post Destiny update

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Thank you Nexon for nerfing Kanna in the upcoming update where basically everyone else is getting buffed. According to a test comparison by a Youtuber, Kanna's final dmg gets reduced by approximately 20% if not more. I agree with some nerf but this much is just harassment to Kanna mains. All my hard daily work to make small gains are now completely meaningless. And to the Kanna haters, you guys won. Congratulations. You got what you guys have been dying for. Now, save your hatred for the new OP classes like f/p, bishop, death avenger, and buccaneer, etc after the update. Just to give you a hint, f/p can grind without barely moving at all and farm much better than Kanna in the endgame farming places. Also a f/p in kms just broke the 83rd floor where other classes in the equivalent stats are still struggling with the 80th floor.

Thank you Nexon again for the true liberation. You just solved my addiction.

I've been playing Kanna post destiny update for a few days, just to test if the nerf is as bad as ppl said. In my opinion, the damage reduction feels more than 30%, perhaps more like 40% ish. This feels absolutely crappy because I do about the same damage as I did about a month ago. Seeing other classes well below my lv and gear quality finishing the bosses much faster is just absolutely insane. There is absolutely no reason to invest time, and effort into Kanna anymore, or maybe in this game? No one expected this dmg nerf on Kanna and it can happen to your class also if given enough hatred and ignorance. All your hard work can go in vain completely. It's something to think about it.


  • fubs100000000fubs100000000
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    I second this. Kanna class shouldn't be receiving this much nerf to the damage. Removing kishin is fine and stopping at that is sufficient
  • FrozeFroze
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    yeah my lvl 251 Kanna is trash now
  • LeoLeo
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    My Kanna is super weak now. Basically a useless niche class like how bishop was before. I thought I'd wait until after the patch to see if Nexon caught on to how badly they affected the class. Seems like they are seeing what they can get away with. Before long it'll be an increase the att speed cap to match KMS to make hurricane classes more viable too.