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Regarding: Event: [K*17scroll] and Zero Weapon

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edited June 13 in General Chat
Is there a way to revert Zero's Lapis/Lazuli to a [Lv. 160] or below version, apart from starting all over and forfeit the Polo's Friend entire progress on this particular Zero,

Is there some secret thing, which I overlooked? Destroying, via a starforce enhancing scroll, did't helped.

Any clearity would be appreciated <3
With best regards



  • RexaarRexaar
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    No way to revert back to previous version other than destroying the weapon and starting again from zero.
    You will lose all your current potential, bonus potential,, soul, scrolls, star force, bonus stat , set effect on the weapon if you really want to use the 17 star scroll. (Using the equipment trace to recover them will end up replacing the starforce count making your effort to use the 17-star scroll pointless)