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Question about the "Adventurer's Hope Box"

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Heyo, I've never claimed anything specifically like this before, other than the free time-limited root abyss set that can be given out.
I was just wondering if the contents of the time-limited boxes you get from opening the Adventurer's Hope Box are permanent, or time-limited as well?

I'm referring to the Unique Emblem and the 17-Star Unique Absolab Weapon/15-Star Unique Dominator Pendant.
The patch notes say "Potentials cannot be reset and item cannot be enhanced." as well, which also made me unsure whether it was permanent or time-limited.
And if it was permanent, would being unable to reset the potentials and enhance the weapon be a bad thing?


  • MiraMira
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    The unique emblem can be recubed as normal.

    The Absolab weapon cannot be scrolled/starred any further than it already is, and I don't think you can re-roll the stats. The stats it's given are mediocre at best, so it is by no means an end game weapon, but certainly a decent one for any mule character.

    Both items are permanent, no time limit.