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Home Decoration Contest

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Hiya Maplers!

Have you been shopping and decorating your Home? We know Home just opened but we'd love to see the progress you've made so far with the furnishings you've obtained. It's time to test your limits and be creative with what you have. Show off your Home for a chance to win prizes! Maybe we'll have another one of these contests in the future to compare how much you've advanced in your HomeStory!

(This contest is also held on the Official Discord and MapleStory Twitter)

How to Apply
1. Comment on this contest thread.
2. Include the following with your entry
- Your in-game name
- World Name
- Brief explanation of the theme
- Screenshot of your Home

Tips and Criteria
- Only one submission is accepted per account.
- Screenshot must be of the player's own Home.
- Editing/Photoshop is not allowed.
- You can take a screenshot with other Maplers but only the Home owner will be entered in the contest.

Judging Process
- MapleStory Community team will vote and determine up to 10 winners from Community submissions.
- MapleStory Social team will vote and determine up to 10 winners from Social submissions.
- MapleStory Community and Social teams will vote and determine 5 honorary mentions from all submissions (winners excluded).
- An account can only win once.

- Discord Role: Homie
- Fairytale Castle Chair
- Onyx Apple x10 Coupon

Honorary Mentions:
- Discord Role: Homie
- Cool Cat Chair
- 2x EXP Coupon (15 min) x5 Coupon

Submission Dates
July 27 - August 15 at 11 AM PT



  • SylvieSylvie
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    In-game name: Lychéee
    World: Bera

    Welcome to Café Seashells, where you can find local delicacies and marvel at coastal views. We are a cozy café that blends modern coastal and playful elements. Light blue walls with diamond patterns and warm natural light makes the café a welcoming and comfortable space. Come and relax, unwind from your Maple adventures with us!

    See link for screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/oMs3VgV
  • MagykalMagykal
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    edited August 13
    IGN: MagykaiHeart
    World: Scania

    Tired of your vacations constantly being turned into work? Skip Gold Beach! Come to M Resort and spend your days monster-free! Choose between a Rococo-inspired room with elegant, gold-gilded furnishings, or a calming coastal-themed room with large windows overlooking the sea. After a long day of relaxation and play, whether that be swimming or sunbathing on the roof, enjoy local delicacies with fine-dining at the café and refreshing drinks from the bar, and let your stress and worries melt away!

    Screenshot: https://imgur.com/pafuaTu
  • JennnnnnnnnnJennnnnnnnnn
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    edited August 13
    IGN: Agapic
    World: Elysium
    Caption: I like it. Picasso ;]
    Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/pyvOv2K.jpg
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    In Game Name: Hustlerr
    World : Scania

    Cafe Home. Scania's 5 Star Michelin Cafe.

  • MiyuMiyu
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    In-game name: Mìyucchi
    World: Reboot

    Welcome to your local bread and breakfast MnM! The best place to get your amazing beach view while relaxing in a comfortable modern flat. Have a great meal in the Close to all the local places so you can get your full MapleStory vacation experience. I hope you choose MnM and have a great time!

  • FarmerJimboFarmerJimbo
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    - in-game name - FarmerJimbo
    - World Name - Elysium
    - Brief explanation of the theme - Forced to temporarily relocate during construction of my expanded townhouse, I have brought the cozy beach café back to the cozy mushroom house.
    - Screenshot of your Home - https://imgur.com/a/B7dOWr1
  • StarSealzStarSealz
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    edited August 15
    In-Game Name: StarSealz
    World Name: Scania

    Whimsical beachside café serving refreshing drinks and pastries!