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Dual Blade - Mirrored Target

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edited February 2023 in Bug Reporting
Bug type:
Mirrored Target Skill operating incorrectly.

Brief bug summary:
When Familiars are in the combat state, the Mirrored Target skill ceases to function, and will no longer maintain the attention of a Mob or Boss.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Familiars summoned
2. Mirrored Target placed down
3. Attack the Boss
4. Mirrored Target no longer maintains aggro.

More details:
This bug (and yes, this is a BUG) has existed since the very first introduction of the Familiar system in Global Maplestory.
I have already submitted a thread in the Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests section

The purpose of this post is to:
1. Raise Awareness of this bug
2. Receive insight as to why this issue has not been fixed yet
3. Give suggestions on how this bug can be fixed

There are a few key elements to the skill Mirrored Target's functionality breaking.
The issue isn't the presence of Familiars. What triggers the skill to lose its ability to maintain the attention of Mobs/Bosses is due to the fact that Familiars in the combat state will cause the skill to believe there is another "Player" in the area. Skills that are similar to "Summons" traditionally would not break Mirrored Target. For example, using a Magnificent Soul to summon an ally would not break the functionality of Mirrored Target, nor would skills like Arachnid Reflection and Solar Crest. The game recognizes that the player that summoned these allies, their contributions in battle are recognized as the Player's own contributions. Familiars for some reason are recognized as separate entities in combat, and their contributions in a battle misleads the skill Mirrored Target to believe another Player is present.

So what are my suggestions?
1. Fix the discrepancy on how the damage from Familiars are not recognized as contributions from the Player that summoned them.
This fix can potentially lead to the outcome of Mirrored Target maintain its functionality of maintaining the aggro of a Mob/Boss.

2. Remove the ability for Familiars to deal damage.
This fix would 100% fix the issue of Mirrored Target maintaining it's ability to main aggroed Mobs/Bosses.
However, it is the least attractive solution and operates as a loss for every class that isn't Dual Blade.
Additionally, this would also root out all the possible cases of Familars disabling a Bosses attacking patterns as seen in the past with the Tweeter, Chirppy, and Goby.

3. Have the option to enable/disable Familars from attacking.
This would fix the issue for Dual Blades and avoids impacting others who wish to have their Familiars dealing damage during combat.

If there is additional information that is needed, please do not hesitate and ask.
Thank you.

KR Translation via Papago:

버그 유형:
미러링된 대상 스킬이 잘못 작동합니다.

간단한 버그 요약:
패밀리어가 전투 상태에 있으면 미러링된 대상 스킬이 작동을 멈추고 더 이상 몹이나 보스의 주의를 끌지 못합니다.

재현 단계:
1. 지인 소환
2. 미러된 대상이 아래로 배치됨
3. 보스를 공격하라
4. 미러링된 대상이 더 이상 집계를 유지하지 않습니다.

자세한 내용:
이 버그는 글로벌 메이플 스토리에 친숙한 시스템이 처음 도입된 이후로 존재해왔다.
제안, 피드백 및 요청 섹션에 스레드를 이미 제출했습니다

이 게시물의 목적은 다음과 같습니다:
1. 이 버그에 대한 인식 제고
2. 이 문제가 아직 해결되지 않은 이유에 대한 통찰력 제공
3. 이 버그를 해결할 수 있는 방법을 제안합니다

미러 대상 스킬의 기능 파괴에는 몇 가지 핵심 요소가 있습니다.
문제는 Familiars의 존재가 아니다. Mobs/Boss의 주의력을 유지할 수 있는 능력을 잃게 하는 것은 전투 상태에 있는 Familiars가 해당 지역에 다른 "Player"가 있다고 믿게 만들 것이기 때문이다. 전통적으로 "소환"과 유사한 기술은 미러링된 목표를 깨뜨리지 않습니다. 예를 들어 Magnificent Soul을 사용하여 아군을 소환하는 것은 Mirrored Target의 기능을 손상시키지 않으며 Arachnid Reflection 및 Solar Crest와 같은 기술도 손상되지 않습니다. 이 게임은 이러한 아군을 소환한 플레이어가 전투에서 기여한 것을 플레이어 자신의 기여로 인식한다. 어떤 이유에서인지 친숙한 사람들은 전투에서 별개의 존재로 인식되며, 전투에서의 그들의 기여는 다른 플레이어가 있다고 믿도록 스킬 미러링 대상을 오도한다.

그래서 제 제안은 무엇인가요?
1. Familiars의 피해가 그들을 소환한 플레이어의 기여로 인식되지 않는 방법에 대한 불일치를 수정합니다.
이 수정은 잠재적으로 미러링된 대상이 Mob/Boss의 집합을 유지하는 기능을 유지하는 결과로 이어질 수 있습니다.

2. Familiar가 데미지를 입힐 수 있는 능력을 제거합니다.
이 해결책은 Mirrored Target이 통합된 Mobs/Boss를 유지하는 기능을 유지하는 문제를 100% 해결할 것입니다.
그러나 이 솔루션은 듀얼 블레이드가 아닌 모든 클래스에서 가장 매력적이지 않은 솔루션입니다.
게다가, 이것은 또한 과거 트위터, 치르피, 고비에서 보았던 보스 공격 패턴을 무력화하는 모든 가능한 사례를 근절할 것이다.

3. Familars의 공격을 활성화/비활성화하는 옵션이 있습니다.
이렇게 하면 듀얼 블레이드의 문제가 해결되고 전투 중에 패밀리어가 손상을 입길 원하는 다른 사람에게 영향을 주지 않습니다.

추가로 필요한 정보가 있으면 주저하지 말고 물어봐 주세요.

  1. Which suggestion would you want as a solution to fixing Mirrored Target?9 votes
    1. 1. Fix the discrepancy on how the damage from Familiars are not recognized as the Player's.
       44% (4 votes)
    2. 2. Remove the ability for Familiars to deal damage.
       0% (0 votes)
    3. 3. Have the option to enable/disable Familars from attacking.
       56% (5 votes)


  • PantzeroPantzero
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    edited February 2023
    Mirrored target is a core skill for the Dual Blade, the description is:
    Turns your Mirror Image into a dummy that draws enemy attacks and absorbs damage. Shadow Meld activates when the dummy is attacked. This skill can only be used when Mirror Image is active. Permanently increases Blade Master's DEF and Avoidability.

    We lose a skill that Dual Blade was build around and possible the benefits of an another skill called Shadow Meld, especially in those bosses that do not have touch damage. I don't think there should be any class that has to choose which feature of the game they have to enjoy (in this case, dummy skill vs familiars) when those systems are supposed to work together.

    Please, fix this issue so that I can enjoy all the features of my main class.
  • FreeTempoFreeTempo
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    edited May 2023
    This issue still persists. Please fix.
  • GarbotoxinGarbotoxin
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    edited June 2023
    This has been broken when Familiars became a thing. Not sure why our Mirrored Target can't behave the same as the Wind Archer or Marksman 'dummy' equivalants.

    I would understand why this would be broken for party play, but for solo play the bosses will constantly target Familiars to pull aggro instead of the dummy it should be attacking.

    It would likely fix the issue if the Familiars (who do no damage anyway) stopped attacking the boss and drawing aggro.
  • FreeTempoFreeTempo
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    edited November 2023
    This issue still persists. The Dual Blade Community would like this bug to be resolved. It has persisted for years. Please look into this issue.
  • MutchaaLatteMutchaaLatte
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    edited November 2023
    Pls...Fix mirror target as it should be the dummy ( or as same as MM's or WA's dummy). (-/\-)(_ _)
  • JerebugJerebug
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    Member, Volunteer Forum Moderator
    edited November 2023
    Hi Maplers,

    Thank you for your report. I have forwarded this to the team, please let us know if you encounter any other issues.

    Happy Mapling!