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Maple Memory Tree Contest

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Maple Memory Tree Contest
With it being MapleStory's 18th Anniversary, we're tasking fellow Maplers to share their favorite memories!


(Note: Contest is being held on Official MapleStory Discord and Official MapleStory Forums)

How To apply
1. Enter in forum thread
2. Include the following with your entry
- Your In-game name
- World Name (If in Reboot, please specify whether NA or EU)
- Your submission

Tips & Criteria
- Screenshots or images shared must be MapleStory related.
- No explicit content is allowed. Please keep it appropriate and PG-13.
- Photo of cosplay or hand-made merch items are allowed!
- Submissions must not contain designs from other IPs, copyrighted characters, or games.
- AI generated artwork will not be allowed.
- Your submission must be your own original artwork.

MapleStory Community team will vote and determine up to 10 winners from Community submissions and 5 honorary mentions.

10 Grand Prize Winners
- Discord Role: TBD
- Lotus Leaf Chair
- Onyx Apple x10

5 Honorary Mentions
- Discord Role: TBD
- Romantic Garden Chair
- 2x EXP Coupon (15 min) x5 Coupon

Submissions will close on June 5th at 11 AM PT!


  • Neocity_Traveler8Neocity_Traveler8
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    IGN: None given
    World: Reboot (NA)

    Favorite memorys:
    1. Discussing which version of game is superior
    2. Alien invasion quests a little before Big bang
    3. Big Bang
    4. GMS advertisements in magazines
    5. Back to Old Maplestory events. (although if the company really wanted to have a real nostalgia event then they would do what Blizz. did)