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Jr.Reaper perm pet price(250$ avg is too much) fix

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edited November 19 in General Chat
thats like 1/4 of my monthly earning......are you out of your mind NX ???

not accounting the rng variable that could go bad(500-750$)..ofc with good luck its like 125$ but thats still way too insane

150$ Cad = 100 USD

talking about the Nov 25 black friday sale......thats not a sale its a mega rip off

i want the perm pet but not at such insane cost....40$ Cad would be expensive enough

and black friday is suppose to be great price reduction...so maybe make it like 25$ Cad cost(16.600$ USD)...at 5% rate the package would have to cost 3k NX to even have a reasonnable chance at Jr.Reaper

as much as i want the pet the price tag is much too high...maybe ask the single million $ man player to buy it(certainly gonna get you profit like that :S)

in otherword less than 1% of your player base gonna bother trying


  • AlbinorockAlbinorock
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    It's gacha. You can get it cheap or not. Idk why you're complaining about gacha in a gacha game. Your "math" is off and like i said...its RNG. you can get the pet for 25 bucks or not. Your average is just sad.
    All your posts are just you being uneducated or just complaining..relax.