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Hacking to level 250 - I feel like Don Quijote


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    Lucsean99 said:

    Hacking is a past problem yet still large in games that are big.

    Hackers have no future its that simple, most of them are Age 25+.
    "Kool you make money off an online game" "So how about you get off you're lazy BUTT & find a real job. "
    Tho the majority just die in real life from health issues because obesity it still an common problem.
    hackers are nothing but lazy people who are lazy to get a job -.-"

    You guys don't have any idea that a lot of times that is their job, they control several pcs and then sell the virtual currency for real one. There is several documentaries on youtube about the chinese "farms" of hackers. Their work conditions is deplorable most of the times and they work over 12h... (not defending hackers, just stating the reality).