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Whats your pet peeve?


  • JenAskarJenAskar
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    edited November 2016
    - People chewing with their mouth open, chewing overly loudly and slurping, whether it be soup or drinks. Why the *beep* would you even do that? You aren't an animal!
    - Being asked the same question even though I've already answered it.
    - MapleStory's censoring system censoring legitimate words and half of a sentence because all elements combined make a naughty word in either English or any other language. *head-desk*
    - People watching me while I'm drawing. Live streams are fine, but people actually watching over my shoulder? *shudder* Nope. Does it seem weird that I make that distinction?
    - Lego. just Lego.
    - My little brother (he's 8, I'm 30) asking me every question under the sun about Minecraft, Stampylonghead, Terraria and Marvel, and trying to tell me about things that I told him to begin with. Recently he added FNaF and The Walking Dead(!!!!!) to his list of incessant questioning... I genuinely have NO idea where he watched those last two....
    - Bad winners
    - Bad losers