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Coming from EMS? Introduce yourself here!


  • ASoggyRatASoggyRat
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    Hiero said:

    why are there so many botters and spammers in GMS? if EMS could handle them, why cant GMS? this really ruins the game fast.
    BIackbean said:

    ya couple of bad players are ruining the EMS experience for ppl who are now in GMS sadly.
    I'm going to assume this is down to one or more of the following reasons:
    • GMS has many, many more players than what EMS has/had. This means there are going to be more botters making accounts, and more spammers advertising things they shouldn't be. Whoever is making these accounts is doing it because with a larger playerbase, they're more likely to get more attention one way or the other, so they're more likely to put more effort into it.
    • People aren't reporting them. This is always a key point in any game or community where there is the opportunity for people to do this kind of thing (botting, spamming etc.). How many times have you seen these rule-breaking players yourself, or known someone else that's seen them and said "There's no point reporting them, it won't make a difference anyway". This is important. People need to report them and it almost certainly does make an actual difference, even if it is only a minor one.
    • Nexon America are going to be much busier than Nexon Europe were, because of the significantly larger playerbase. They have a larger community to attend to, and much more work and time has to go into community management and dealing with these individuals. I'm not going to state this for a fact, but I'd say it's likely that there are a higher ratio of these rule-breaking players to Nexon staff able to deal with them than there were in Europe.

  • KingopiratesKingopirates
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    Hey, I'm Kevin aka Kingopirates.
    I live in Belgium and used to play Kradia.
    I'm 19 and been playing several years.
    It's understandble its hard to cooperate with our gm's but its still a bit sad letting dropje and the others leave with nothing.
    I run, cycle, and swim alot and I love mapling evenings.
    I'm also an obvious one piece fan.
    Buccaneer is my main 4ever lvl 191.
    Can't wait for fifth gear/job!
    TY for the welcome
  • ShosenShosen
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    Hellu, nice to meet you all!

    My journey in Maplestory started way, waaaay back. To be honest I can't remember how long it has been... It was the time when the only class available was the regular adventurers and the whole Mapleworld looked different, especially Maple Island. Maybe you know when it was? :)
    But thinking back the first thing that comes to mind is that I couldn't play Maple at home. I always had to borrow my friends older brothers computor to join the fun. And back then I was young and stupid which made the grinding very tough. Just gaining one level took ages so I was lucky to have my friends accompany.
    Hahahah, ohhh the memories! Good times, good times <3

    During my mapling, somehow, life always found ways to make its existence known so all this time I been a player who has been drifting back and forth.
    But here I am, once again ready to place my foot in the face of the Balrogs!
    The name is Marcus. I'm a 21y old swede, whose hopes is that his Ultimate Adventurers manages to cross the doorstep of the migration with their lives intact. ^^
    Hopefully we'll meet on Luna. If not, happy mapling!!!
  • ShosenShosen
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  • StéphyStéphy
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    Hello everyone ! :)

    My name is Stéphanie but everyone calls me Stéphy.
    I'm 23 years old woman who lives in Belgium (dutch part)
    I think i joined the game 7/8years ago... but recently came back after a break.
    Owell people can always find or chat me on iStéphy, for those who cannot type the é, find/add iWicked, i'm on Luna!

    Hope to meet some new people!
    Ciao :D

    ps: i miss how we could use our own avatar. :(

  • SatsukiSatsuki
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    My name is Marcin, I'm 21 and come from Poland. I study mathematics at university.
    Love anime, heavy music, magic the gathering and video games.
    Been playing Maple on and off for years, hopefully this time I settle for longer.
    My favourite class, by far, is Battle Mage.
  • Shaneration1Shaneration1
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    hey maplers.
    names shane, long time mapler since near enough the release im talking the good old pre big bang, no pirate class being a very underwhelming i/l noobie.
    taken many breaks here and there but im returning for the 5th job :D been waiting for this like forever!
    favorite class is battlemage has and always be since the first day i got to play it :D
    other classes i enjoy are d/k and cant forget my first noobish experince being i/l mage. nostalgia wins for the i/l
    since EMS has now combined with GMS im starting fresh new account and new server in (REBOOT)
    other games i play mostly RPG's or Grindy Style Games.

    look forward to seeing you all around on reboot and if your on a diffrent server good luck to you aswell :D
  • ShanerationShaneration
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    ill have to try out some reboot in the mean time meet some of you NA peeps. wil have to hold off on EU for now cant play my BM :C
  • PokkediefPokkedief
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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Dennis and im from the Netherlands.I started playing Maplestory when i was 16-17 years old. I'm now 27 and the game is still fun to play.
    I hope my account gets migrated soon (waiting a month already) so i can play again on my Kaiser.
    I originally started with an assassin called Pokkedief on GMS of course. Sadly the lag is so overwhelming now I cant enjoy my Assassin anymore on Scania.
    Thats why i started on EU Maplestory and created my kaiser.
    Hope to be able to login soon so i can enjoy the game again with less lag.
  • BewbzBewbz
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    Hi all,

    Bored at work so guess I'll contribute here :p

    My name is Oscar, 25 years old from the Netherlands. Marketing student and currently doing my internship in Berlin, Germany.

    Started playing Maplestory 2 weeks after GMS went official and played on Scania (Royalflush pride <3) until EMS Beta got announced.
    Played the beta for a while and even won a iPod Nano back then for it! After EMS got official me and a friend skipped school to get
    some good names. My first character was called ,,Life" and it was a Bandit during the era where Hermits ruled maplestory. Until this day
    I still enjoy Shadowers the most. a while later I created another account and made that my main and would log back to ,,Life" so now and
    then. Sadly I forgot the details to that account so now im Life-less -badumtss- :p

    Anyhow, new account had another Shadower cause I messed up the stats on ,,Life". Back then we still had to make the hard decision on
    where to cap our dex or even go Dex-less. Being the smartass I was, I went for a Str-bandit because I liked the weapons which was a
    stupid move back then. Anoyhow, born was Bewbz the shadower.

    I met a lot of great friends through Maplestory (Miyavizm 4 life <3333) and still have contact with people I met 10 years ago! From a pregnant guild leader to
    a proud mom with a young boy now. Safe to say that I'm grateful for maplestory being here.

    Fast forward, played maple for a while, quit for a while to just return for a while again. Decided to quit Maplestory for good during the
    massive screw up from Nexon where a big part of the player base got hacked. Since I lost everything on Bewbz I didnt feel like playing
    anymore. After a few years I got bored and decided to give Maplestory another shot. Damage on Bewbz was really really really crap so
    couldnt stand playing on that. Made ,,Tired" , a flame wiz and was surprised how easy leveling was nowadays. 1-150 in just three days?
    Played that, got my little sister and friend in the game again and then 5th Job got announced. Together with the burning-event so guess
    what I did?

    Yep, I remade a thief! But instead of a Shadower, I decided to give Dual Blades a chance and to be honest, its almost as fun as a Shadower!
    Born was ,,SpicyPotato" , currently lvl 185 and enjoying the game again. So will be 200 in no time!

    Running the ,,TeamPotato" guild with my little sister so for whoever is interested in joining, feel free to apply!
    or just add me on ,,SpicyPotato" for the occasional laughs and giggles ;)

    lots of love,


    PS: HolyCowballs. If you read through all of that, feel free to tap yourself on the shoulders lol
    PSS: Ohyeah, GM's PLEASEEEEEE wipe the Stone Collossus maps. Some of them had a hacker on literally every channel!