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  • Marga95Marga95
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    edited December 2016
  • PachomarPachomar
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    Can we have some kind of response from people of the team about this?
  • PastafarianPastafarian
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    TheOracle said:

    Would be great if this was fixed, this is the last card i need for my leafre set, tried doing this today again with friends and all of us disconnected as soon as we tried going up crimson sky dock, and then we disconnected trying to leave crimson sky dock.
    @TheOracle I may have a tip to help you get out of there:

    When my Zero disconnected after entering the Dragon Rider PQ, I would reconnect in the center of the room's floor, then disconnect after walking a short distance in either direction. It seemed like two particularly dangerous areas on the floor triggered disconnects: an area between the middle and the left side, and another between the middle and the right side. Or was it just distance walked? In any case, Zero was able to reach the portal out without disconnecting by using Burst Step (double tap ←←) to skip past that triggery section of floor. I suspect mage classes may be able to do the same with Teleport, et cetera.

    (If I worked in Nexon's testing department, I'd test whether it's related to the floor specifically and try different movement skills like Aran's dash. Perhaps one might simply be able to jump their way out.)

  • xKeroxKero
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    Bump, it's frustrating that nexon doesn't fix it and don't give us a response of when they will look up for the problem.
  • xOtakuxOtaku
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    Bump. This is still broken after maintenance.