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Lag and Launcher bugging.

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Hey! I've came back to maplestory since i've heard about that 5th job yesterday. Downloaded everything

1- Had a Crap time to manage to open this launcher.(Had to add launcher and maplestory to my firewall exception, which was never needed before)
2-Maplestory is currently in use/Client connection was remotely forcibly closed.
3-Update are failing all the time (Yet again adding it to the firewall exception seem to have worked..for now)
4-Lag in-game.. I don't what cause it, but yersterday, all the times i would see monster stop moving, unable to attack, unable to switch map.
5-Today : The game already crashed once for no reason while i was browsing the cash shop...
6- No disk detected .... Why the hell is it trying to find a disk ???? It doesn't stop me from playing, but it's weird.

Simply a lit of bug/problem. I've encountered up to now. What happened within all that time ?? It's now so bugged up lol.

I still remember the kaiser release to be the worst that have happened up to now lol.

--System spec--
i5-2320 3Ghz Quad
Asus Ge-Force GTX 760 2GB
16 Gbs of Rams
Windows 10


  • GambyThe4thGambyThe4th
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    Maybe uninstall and re-download everything and update your computer software like DirectX?
  • AlzakielAlzakiel
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    Maybe uninstall and re-download everything and update your computer software like DirectX?
    That's already done since even before i reinstall their client and maplestory to start back playing.... Client is the same no matter what, Same for maple. Im alway keeping everything up to date.
  • JayanglesJayangles
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    Okay I uninstalled reinstalled like 11 times and still wouldnt let me get pass the channel selection page. The game kept on shutting down and disconnecting. I find out that the server was down again, in maintenance, but i'm not sure if they are going to address the problem where some people couldn't even join the game after the maintenance. I really wish they went into the updated maintenance to fix this issue becuase if they don't, I will be still stuck with not being able to get in the game again. I waited so long for this update to be finished, please get it right
  • Sweetheart123Sweetheart123
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    Server is down for Maintenance
    check to see if server is up or down here
    See info on the reason there was a downtime here
    read carefully some people will be blocked even after Maintenance is over read why