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I can login again BUT.....

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edited December 2016 in Tech Support
Finally, after 3 days we can login again.

Now we see the problem with our potentionals on our items.
I lost 2 unique items from my shop.

Do we get those lines back, yes or no?

Jsut a simple question.
Not that hard nexon ;)



  • mon0mon0
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    edited December 2016
    Yeah well I'm Trade Blocked after the Temporarily blocked after 11/30 I wanted 3 days to get unblocked, now I'm trade blocked, I can't buy potions can't sell stuff in my inventory I'm running out of potions I can't buy my ring or stones from the V Shop because I'm trade blocked I mean really can I at least get the stones and the Ring from V shop that I missed out on since my account was blocked?

    I mean the stones are limited 3 a day and I've missed like 3 days now going on 4 because it's Sunday and Nexon is closed so now I gotta wait till Monday.
    This is really bad I mean my ect slot is full I'm running out of potions so I can't buy any because I'm trade blocked.
    I can't sell stuff to people in the Free Market because I'm Trade blocked.

    I mean it was nice that they allow me to login and all but the trade block now ?
    I just spent like $110 on Marvel and I can't reedem coupons because my slots are full.
  • BertusBertus
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    I feel you man.. we got screwed bigtime again.. and 0 response from nexon. I bet they arent reading these posts either.
  • KimiBoshiKimiBoshi
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    edited December 2016
    Also affected. I found that multiple very high value items were found to be completely missing.