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Letter to Santa

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I wrote my letter to Santa how bout you?


  • MekMek
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    edited December 2016
    Dear Santa

    Make Maplestory lag free and bring joy to us players once again.

  • MakazeKibaMakazeKiba
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    Dear Santa,

    This year, it is not what I want that I write to you, but it is what I want for others. I wish for more RAM for Nexon's servers, perhaps some Xeon servers as well. Enough of both to upgrade existing hardware and even add new servers to locations aside from the West Coast and presumably what they picked up in Europe (I'm looking at you, Australia, East Coast). For Nexon's dev team, I wish for English to Korean Textbooks, a 4-year pass to Lynda.com and Newegg.com premium access, and enough 5-hour energy, coffee, and Mt. Dew to flood the Yangtze 4 times over. I also wish for Nexon to suddenly have enough funding to re-implement Tespia, and this time make it available to a larger pool of players, not a dead-select few. For the World at large, I wish for a Freaky-Friday gambit: everyone becomes their polar opposite for as much time as needed to discover a major epiphany.

    I also wish for Nexon NA make an HQ on the East Coast to support the aforementioned new servers. and also so I can actually apply to Nexon w/o moving

    Da Meritus.

  • MaryseMaryse
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    Dear Santa,

    For Christmas, I would like financial stability, new socks and a fully paid apartment.

  • LolaBunnyLolaBunny
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    edited December 2016
    Dear Santa,
    Being on a long hiatus and noticing how much the game changed, I wonder if it's worth coming back to.
    Love, The Golden Rabbit.
  • KittyIsAUKittyIsAU
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    Dear Santa,
    All I want is a peaceful Christmas that isn't ruined by having more homework than I have free time; and for Nexon to not ruin Limitness more than they already have.

  • LilyflowerLilyflower
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    edited December 2016
    Dear Santa,
    I wish this year would be the best year and full of joy and I wish for Nexon HQ to fire those who doesn't listen or care to the customers and bring Nexon NA trustful development team that cares for the customers and listen to whatever the problem arises.