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V-tracker Trap - CRA Boss

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edited December 2016 in General Chat

I'm here to warn everyone that is doing the V-tracker event about a "trap" that maybe you didn't notice.

The V-tracker tells you to kill one Chaos Root Abyss Boss to complete one of it's quest. However, it doesn't remind you that you need to kill at least one of the Root Abyss bosses 10 times to be able to do the Chaos version of it.
The trap here is that you are only able to kill 1 normal version of the boss once a day. So in order to kill the CRA boss you need to spend 10 days doing the normal versions before hand.

I totally forgot about this fact until today and I would be really, REALLY PISSED if I reminded about it when the event was about to end.
I was not doing Root abyss, i just concentraded on getting level 180 to the Chaos one... So yea...

Well, that is it.
Just helping you guys out.

Cya =)


  • JettLuvsUJettLuvsU
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    edited December 2016
    I haven't even tried Root Abyss . Thanks for this.
    I was totally going to do that last minute.
  • PhoenixKumoPhoenixKumo
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    edited December 2016
    Welp. Good-bye title. It was nice dreaming about you before I definitely know I won't be getting you. Thanks for the head's up anyway though.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    edited December 2016
    You're also forgetting the part where CRA bosses are ridiculously difficult to kill unless you have super-funded friends.
  • WarameWarame
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    edited December 2016
    You can just ask some random crazy strong guy to do it for you thou, that's what I'm going to do.
    You can offer to pay like 40-50m if you can't find anyone willing to do it for free too. But they probably will help you out for free. You just gotta be polite and nice with them =)
  • TheNyanCatTheNyanCat
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    edited December 2016
    Just join an alliance and you'll have plenty of people to carry you in CRA.
  • liljayyyyliljayyyy
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    edited December 2016
    Join a guild or alliance! It's not impossible!
  • FalchFalch
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    edited December 2016
    The fact that the game expects you to get carried by "super funded" players just cries out "bad game design" to me.