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Players unable to log in on specific characters


  • JulyJuly
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    edited June 2017
    ManiOh wrote: »
    ohhhhhh this is the thread for the issueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dammmmmmmm so many pages... not alone ;(

    guys the thing i found that work for me (hope for other aswell) is to wait load all things
    when you get to char section wait that creation char button to get his collor
    after that wait a bit 2-5min try move around chars when get decent frame pick the char and enter pin
    after that wait to land DO NOT MOVE wait when land try move a bit if lagy wait moreee it sould get stable frame
    after that no problem log relog atalll untill CRASH ;(

    its not a fix but helps ;( dont know what made this and what they changed but some chars needs alot wait to get to work once is doneeeeeee its fine

    And drink a glass of hot water with jinger, lemon and salt while standing on one leg before doing all of that? ><"
    Sad how this game is broken.. I hope correct maintenance fix this, cus if i login and get stuck again like last time in January i will be furious