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Black Friday Sale Issues

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Friday, November 29
We are aware of the discrepancy between the Black Friday Sale web post and the actual purchase limit of violet cubes in-game. Due to the holidays, there will be a delay but we plan to look into this issue when we can.

Saturday, November 30
We received reports about how Reboot players who have purchased the Red and Black Cube Bundles in the previous sale are unable to purchase them for our Black Friday Sale.
We are also aware of the discrepancy between the purchase limit of these Reboot cube bundles in-game and on Black Friday Sale web post.

We apologize for the confusion.


  • DancemonDancemon
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    And this Comes on top of the cubes missing in the reward shop for a lot of Players
    I asked around and from the 9 Players i spoke to only 4 could get their cubes in reward shop for this November month
    For a lot of Players this monthly opportunity to get cubes is the Highlight of the month, and a month without cubes is like a month wasted
    It makes the whole relay Event feel like a Major waste of reward Points, and a month of doing daily bossruns a total waste of time
    Many Players really feel let down by nexon since they made no effort to resolve this Problem or even make a post that they are Aware of this issue
    Since reward Points reset tonight i wonder how they are going to try to compensate the Players involved for this issue, or if they are even going to make an effort to Keep their Player base happy
    since no nx is involved for this issue i feel for the worst and guess a lot of Players will miss out on their 10 cubes for which they made their monthly effort
    we might as well log in once a week to do some weekly bosses instead of playing on a daily base if issues like this do not get resolved

    lets hope nexon Comes up with a elegant solution for both cube issues