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Make pets and familiars transparent

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edited March 2020 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
I think the game should add a settings that allow you to set pets and familiars to be 0%-100% transparent, just like skills.
I just attempted to fight against Will with 3 teammates today, and most of them have 3 pets as well as a big snail familiar, so during the battle the floor is filled with 4 players, a bunch of pets and three big snail familiar, making it really hard for me to distinguish which is my character. And I'm really confused, since I don't know which is me, I made a lot of mistakes that can be prevented.


  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited March 2020
    Your own pets and familiar (and android) become transparent when you set your skills to transparent.
    Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to other people.
  • MageOfBattlesMageOfBattles
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    Sure would be nice to have the transparency slider for other character affect their pets/familiars though.
  • TerrorStreakTerrorStreak
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    yeah bump this for an even better updated transparent slider! should update it to let you choose, what you want; just your pets transparent, no problem, want your android to stay visible but your pets to be invisible yup can do that too, want your familiars separately transparent... separate slider for that too. would be nice to update this already nice system to be much more specific in what you can make transparent separately from others... i personally would want it to make my pets invisible,and at the same time my android visible and my skills partial see through and my familiars invisible would be sooo awsome!