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marvel and nexon...

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edited March 2020 in Rants and Raves
you could not miss the chance to capitalize again while all at home under quarantine
after mapletour p2w in reboot,crossover event (that gives nothing perm from crossover outside of "themed" lootbox) ,ghost park ranked mode (BoD abuse) and more ...

you had to add marvel ?why ? not even marvel spin sale ( not like i ever going to gamble on nexon site)
why not make some daily 2x hours,GM massive world events( hide and seek,JQ race,fun town boss raid with GM....), other mini games,some daily event store,open more CH's etc etc...

but yea doesnt matter i guess back to cod warzone
like i said before
have fun maplers & stay safe in quarantine !
gamble wisely !

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    3. i dont care i just play once a week
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    I agree that it's a bad idea for them to have Marvel now, since it can only be purchased
    with Prepaid NX, encouraging people to go outside in these dangerous times.

    If you want events that give useful items, just wait for March 25.
    Look for Goblin Full Moon Night Market Events in the patch notes.
  • darikdarik
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    I liked all the content related to cernium , it was insane, and also flicker and ursie coupons events was very good too.
    But this isekai one... idk, nothing is permanent , so i didnt even bother with it.
    Hopefully goblin event is better for leveling.
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    i see there is change i guess players activity curve started to lower rapidly or marvel wasnt attractive that much
    daily 1.5 seem decent maybe mixture of other events not just 1.5 will be added in this quarantine period