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Major Lag Spikes


  • asuterooasuteroo
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    edited April 2020
    Coming back to play the game again, two months later, still nothing has changed--literally unplayable
  • SteveHyugaSteveHyuga
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    edited April 2020
    im having huge lag spikes in ms every 20 seconds to more in the play, where everything appears to play in super slowmo and the sound becomes dissoriented too. I think it's happening because the cpu usage of ms jumps from like 20% to 100% every 20 seconds for some reason. This never happened to me, but now in this last events ...is terrible too have freezes in my screen but my task manager explot in the use elevate of this game , god fix this
  • HHG1HHG1
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    edited April 2020
    I'm also having frequent lagspikes, and I've noticed that the launcher takes up a lot of CPU when it has been minimized and running in the background for longer periods of time.
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    So from what I'm gathering at this current moment in time is that bots are fluxing through channels, basically causing a DDoS attack on channels. There's nothing that can be done until the bots go away.
  • NyongNyong
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    a few hours of the maintenance for the love of God ... fix once this problem that is years old and has increased every time with each maintenance and bad updates with bugs, lag, crash etc just playing maplestory my cpu explodes ... other games run normal FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.... reduce the memory consumption of this game .... this post is one of many others and on other pages with this problem no administrator does not give us a solution, because they know that this is not a user or pc problem, it is a problem of themselves, due to bad updates, bad maintenance, memos without comments ... many new people enter maplestory and leave with disappointment. .. many people return to play and find these problems, crash, freezs, spikes lag, memory perfomance, etc etc, this game is 2D is incredible that it consumes too much memory and this causes what many of us have claimed due to the technical lack and responses of the staff of this game

    blackcipher and nexon launcher did not help at all ... nothing ... that is another topic, unjustified bans, problems with the launcher, visual problems, crash to vary to enter the game etc etc. I have a super cpu and it is incredible that only in this game all these problems occur in memory leak, high use in cpu, lag and other things and I repeat it is not just me ... too many people have this problem, please fix this at once maplestory staff and technical service
  • EXdestEXdest
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    after pixel update, I dc quite a lot which I had no problem in previous patch whether you are just afk for pixel point or hunting. I just keep getting crashed every 3 hours