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Potential solution to spawn rates and such

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edited September 2018 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
So everyone knows that the base mob spawn rates and counts are essentially trash at this point, exacerbated by some maps(**** you, orbis) being wide as all hell. I feel like the easiest solution would be to strip the mob-spawn-increasing effect from both kishin and frenzy totems.

Now, those of you who currently possess frenzy totems, kindly sit the hell down until I'm done. Thank you.

My idea is, as I said, remove the mob spawn effect from both of these entities, and in its place increase the global spawn rate by at least 100%(effectively doubling it) and the maximum mob count per map by 50-60%. So in a map that would have ten mobs respawning every five seconds, you would have 15 mobs respawning every 2.5 seconds.

To compensate kishin losing its only real reason for existing, increase it's on-hit damage from 150% to 300% or so to put it on-par with other similar installed-turret-type skills, which would give what I feel is some much-needed improvements to kanna's piss-poor mobbing kit.

To compensate(hah, you kids and your compensation) those of you with frenzy totems: replace the spawn-increasing effect with a map-wide ten-on-fifteen-off 3x exp/2x drop(exp yes, drop negotiable) buff that stacks with all other forms, be they cash tab, use tab, server-wide event, mvp or familiar.

Now, I don't particularly care, nor do I want to hear, about how much this proposal would devalue frenzy totems. If you jackwads(and you know who you are) weren't selling them for real money, it wouldn't matter in the first place. This would benefit everyone as a whole, not just those of you who can piss away hundreds of dollars on a slot machine.
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  • DivinityDivineDivinityDivine
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    edited September 2018
    A well executed suggestion well done Sir
  • luna02luna02
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    xD , u search kill gms no ? u post need do reference to the lag and bugs of the play . no kill the game
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    edited September 2018
    luna02 wrote: »
    xD , u search kill gms no ? u post need do reference to the lag and bugs of the play . no kill the game

    Let me guess, you read as far as "remove mob spawn buff from frenzy" and skipped the rest, right?
  • SuperJonicSuperJonic
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    edited September 2018
    I'd say this is genuinely a fair game right there.
  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    edited September 2018
    I like this idea.
  • ManiOhManiOh
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    edited September 2018
    not bad
    but good luck with nexon "remove/change" F$R$E$N$Z$Ytotem
    In before kish mystically breaks function, then instead of fix remove and turn to future "balance"
  • ArgentArgent
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    edited September 2018
    I'd personally want kishin to be buffed more than just a straight damage bump. Also, if kish became just a standard turret, would that mean it should have a corresponding node like other skills? If so, Kanna mains might then have to redo all their nodes, something I'd be less thrilled about.
  • ruth02ruth02
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    edited September 2018
    yes u search remove kishin then nexon they should remove the frenzy totem, and better not to give ideas, because your idea can be applied to put spwan runes of mobs: S, and last, this idea can not be applied because the exp will be easy to go up to 220 soon and drop a little high too
  • Troll4UTroll4U
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    edited September 2018
    I have to agree that Kishin should definitely be removed and frenzy totems should be highly nerfed, but they also should at least improve mob spawn rates through all the maps. Having Kishin is the reason why all the botters out there are Kannas. On the other hand, those with frenzies just take advantage with their boosted spawn rate and I personally think that the idea of skills that increase spawn rate only add to the unfair balance of the game. If Nexon removes this and just generally changes the mob spawns and counts, this will definitely be a foot in the right direction.
  • LatemasterLatemaster
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    edited September 2018
    kms doesn't have either of those and they're doing fine.

    nerffing kish would be good since after frenzy was introduced it lost it's purpose on high lvl end. and for lower lvls there aren't many classes who could kill mobs in map quicker than they spawn.

    Frenzy they could make so that it collects duplicate of the mob inside when you kill it and gives 2nd kill for each mob. apply that to everyone in the map and it's more than common 3x
    (3x=+200% exp from mob) (when you grind with plenty of buffs you usually get like 5-7x exp from each mob so that +200% isn't really much, doubling the 5x would be 10x exp)

    afterall frenzy is as p2w item as something could be. mathematically it requires 150 spins to get (that's around 750€ in marvels) and there isn't much people who are willing to do that. well ofc some people got it on 1st spin and then there's another problem. When obtaining item is quite much 700+€ ppl want stuff worth 1500€... well 1,5m maple points would be 750b meso with current meso market value. then question. Who has 35 chars with max meso??? Quite much noone. Then people who want it have to IRL money trade for it (the seller can dump it on mule and just sell it from worthless mule account so it's safe to sell and just get mule acc banned if got caught) and get banned. This kind of stuff shouldn't even exist.

    making base spawn rates on bigger maps bit better would be great. for example most arcane river area maps got horrible spawn even though maps are so damn big.
    ppl only grind at clp (cavern lower path) since the spawn there is so good that even if they can't get firestarter cast (other item that shouldn't exist) it's better exp than maps close with 90/100% burning field. There shouldn't be that great difference on map where you grind and then there's problem about ppl who already outleveled the map and stay there since there isn't any better places to grind.

  • zmintzmint
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    edited April 2020
    Man why can’t they make this change? :( It sounds so good. Kishin is so broken for reboot. After getting a taste of farming w kishin from a friend (I play a cadena) I see that the usual spawn rate really is tiny.

    The same map looks entirely different with Kishin on. With kishin you get double the exp, double meso, double drops like nodestones. It really is unfair that just this skill provides such an edge. Makes it so farming on a different character you enjoy is just 2x inefficient, or you would need a second computer to manually place kishin with a kanna mule. This kanna character is so essential just for the kishin skill that should just be a permanent state for each field.

    I hope this post can be revived and nexon will listen
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