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Initial Familiar Naming System is Gone?

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Can anyone else confirm that they are unable to name a familiar on its entry into the new system?

I received several Booster Packs from the new UI for the amount of familiars I gathered. I opened them all and registered the first one, but noticed that it didn't give me an option to rename it. I went into the UI and found it, then clicked on the pencil to change the name, but found it required 2 million mesos (a steep sum!).

Are we no longer able to rename our familiars the first time we put them into the new UI? I didn't want to put this in the "Bug Reporting" section because I wasn't sure if it was intended or not.


  • QuilavaQuilava
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    You can rename them by clicking on the pencil icon in the ui. It costs 2mil to do so, but with all the bugs going on there is a chance that it will reset. EDIT: nvm, didn't read what you posted all the way.