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This is an AWFUL Update

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*Gollux gear is now apparently impossible for unfunded players. I wonder how many people will quit because they can now no longer get this ABSOLUTELY VITAL increase in range to keep their progression from stagnating. Could there please please be at least a reduction in the attack reach and HP that's been added to this boss?
*With monster book gone while all players lose Leafre Set's 30% IED, this hits players with less gear much harder. Keeping my calm on this one and suggesting monster book style set buffs be added to the monster collection

* Familiars are now roll-able gear apparently rather than minions with vital support abilities.



  • TerrorStreakTerrorStreak
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    Change can be hard to adjust to... but I feel your staring a gift horse in the mouth.

    This patch brings:

    -very nice power creep through familiar potential -check

    -over haul of a really neglected old familiar/codex system -check

    -Revamp of an old boss -check (I rarely run gollux any more, just felt like a waste of my time. But now I want to much more rewarding for killing him on your main than getting a buddy to carry you to farm rings and earrings for mesos lol)

    My personal opinion is they need to tinker with gollux's hit box his expanded attack range and what not as something is not quite right about him, but the increased difficulty is welcome. Reg. servers gollux gear will always be available and reboot just party up... can't do it alone, well get a partner. The update itself is amazing, just glitchy and bugged and many unintended everything but all that can be fixed up with just shine and polish. As long as we get back whatever was lost in the roll backs and fine tune the familiar drops and making sure all familiars for the badge sets are obtainable in game then all good!

    So calm down, yeah it is sad we have not had a roll back in quite a few years, let us hope we don't get another. They are devastating, but as long as they get this maintenance right this time and don't poke the bear that is the community right now, it will be A-ok.

    But yeah this is their fault for not having proper patch testing on a closed test server, but this is their error that has inconvenienced us and they know that. So like I said I can't see their aim as to poke the bear any more but more to appease it with action that will hopefully sit well with the community.

    Remember as with any major content patch and this game, especially for a non-kms hand me down patch but a unique gms content patch like this, has always in the past been quite an ordeal to iron out >< history repeats itself lol. everyone has seen the legendary double maintenance meme.
  • TurtlesRockTurtlesRock
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    This update really is awful. They made some badges not just tedious but downright impossible. And now we have to farm useless low level mobs hour upon hours to get some IED instead of farming exp or mesos like we should be.
  • ProphetieProphetie
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    and reboot just party up... can't do it alone, well get a partner.
    The problem is that Gollux does not have instanced drop like other bosses.
    You'd have to party with friends and guildies every single day for four months and fight over the drops.
    Add to that the often glitched entry and the fact it robs you of your daily attempt BEFORE checking if you have a key or all party members are gathered and you're more realistically looking at half a year of daily progression for a Superior Gollux set. A process that must be done on every single one of your serious characters.
    Keep in mind it also furthers widen the gap between characters that were created before the patch and new characters just like the pottable badges.

    There is no way to get back what was lost in the rollbacks and most familiar registered before the patch are simply gone and will never count toward badges (which are still rolling back every time you log out)
    Not ony did mostly everything related to the content change not work as intended, the things that do work introduce issues as well;
    For normal servers, players lost 30% IED from the Codex and instead gained up to 240% boss damage/IED from familiar if they spend money on Cash Shop items (probably more from Legendary familiars).
    That's an unbelievable level of powercreep.
    For Reboot, the entire population of the server has to share a beginner area map until each and everyone of them has collected SEVERAL THOUSANDS of Jr Boogie/Fairy cards on every one of their progression characters and then spend the following weeks upgrading them to unique until they get double ied/boss/att pot.

    Both Gollux and the familiar system needed an update but I can't agree with you that "the patch itself is amazing".
    The execution was the worst I've seen out of any serious mmorpg in almost a decade and the content itself either intended to kill the most populated server or shows the developement team was not even made aware of Reboot's existence and mechanics.

    I've been praising the devs for years because they took calculated risks and spent ressources on QoL changes that helped Maplestory succeed were countless other mmorpg's failed. This time however, they dropped the ball. I would, without a doubt, be fired on the spot if I merely thought about pushing such an update on the production server without rounds of proper testing with the QA team.