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No exp gain

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in Bug Reporting
After leveling my Ark to level 30, I stopped gaining Exp from mobs and receiving quests or events from NPCs. It is my burning character. Please fix this. My ign is youngslimes


  • ProphetieProphetie
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    edited April 2020
    Have you completed the Ark questline up to the lvl 30 job change?
    Certain jobs, including Ark, need to complete some main story quests to progress past lvl 30 and only gain exp in their starting area otherwise
    Those should be labeled [Requiered] in red in the quest helper. Make sure to check both "In Progress" and "Available" tab
    Often, those quest also make a lightbulb appear above yout character's head
  • AnimeWatcherAnimeWatcher
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    Some of Arks job quests don't say required but there is a story line and about 30 quest. You need to do to leave your starting area, if you have not done those quests you can't get exp in any other maps