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Red Familiar Card Temporarily Removed 4/24

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edited April 2020 in Announcements
Hello Maplers,

Due to the recent issue where Familiar progress would get lost, we are temporarily disabling the Red Familiar Card from the Cash Shop.
Please note that we are still in the process of investigating players' accounts that lost Familiar data.


  • pat159pat159
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    edited April 2020
    How about looking into reverting the ridiculous destruction of the drop rate? Is that something that will be done or should we all just quit trying to get anything out of the 1 day old content?
  • TerrorStreakTerrorStreak
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    edited April 2020
    Just please no roll backs or damage to anyone's hard earned time. This is the 1st roll back we have had in years like over 3 and this is scary devastating another would be tragic.
  • rashiex00rashiex00
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    hey im new here
    what's a rollback?
  • RokaniRokani
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    rashiex00 wrote: »
    hey im new here
    what's a rollback?

    Where you delete all saved data in a certain time span and reload an older save point, so in this case deleting everything from April 23 to present.
  • BunnyWriterBunnyWriter
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    edited April 2020
    Well well well...
    Made wolfunderling, a previously marvel machine exclusive, familiar which was quite valuable in the eyes of MANY players into being a useless codex entry....

    Then you made the rigged system of whomever pays for it gets it (jr.boogie abuse) just so a level 5 player can get TWICE THE EFFECT for free...

    So... how much are you paying for this misdoing? Will you erase it? Replace it? Compensate with tens of thousands or NX? This whole system is glitched and not to speak about how the recent patch made sure that ONLY players with high drop rate will get the BASIC OF BASICS let alone the end game sets.

    My heart is broken.
  • fixitmanfixitman
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    edited April 2020
    Don't get me wrong, I love this game and I've played on and off since 2003.. but issues like this with the new Familiar System should've been scrubbed PRIOR to implementation... what was the rush? You guys hyped up the system, pushed it out.. and people flocked the fields to spend hours hunting in hopes of being able to improve on their character, be it monetarily thru selling the cards or RNG'ing at a chance for their character to get stronger thru newly added stats. All of the aforementioned came and went with the wind in an instant. This game was so much more enjoyable before you guys focused your changes towards making more money, therefore the game became more enjoyable now only to those who pay into it. For others who do not wish to pay or pay as much, they're feeling the neglect that have been brought upon them inadvertently thru the revamps that you guys have made "supposedly" for the improvement of the game play.
    Not to mention, the crude reasoning, or maybe the lack of one at all, behind placing a PIN to get into our own storage or the Node system in game. What benefit did anyone get out of that? If you think it's a safety mechanism to prevent people (hackers) from stealing stuff out of the storage unit after logging into someone else's account, guess again... it's the same PIN we use to log into the account to begin with!

    How about you start with polls from the players to see what the consensus is when it comes to what the customers want to see in the future of the game.. before you make your changes? I can guarantee you that the folks that have invested in this game will provide their inputs. That may save a lot of heartache and possibly adding more reasons to people wanting to quit the game.
  • iArrowZiArrowZ
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    edited April 2020
    when the familar are re-opened nexon needs to seriously considering a MASS increase in BASE drop rate across the board for ALL familairs. with a slightly lower drop rate on unique and legendary ones.

    before this revamp level 100+ monsters heck level 50+ monsters RARELY dropped familiar cards. i can name hundreds of monsters that i have NEVER seen a familar card for which has lead me to believe they do not even actually drop.
    based on what i had seen. we have to farm whole sets of familiars to get set effects but AFAIK alot of the monsters i saw listed i have never seen anyone posses.

    you guys have to REALLY consider the drop rate when you literally removed the codex and dropped this nonsense as a replacement that nobody really was asking for..
    the game still needs a heavy amount of QoL fixes honestly i could type for hours about issues with the game..
    at least they are doing something about this familar system. i hope they just do not open it with absurd drop rates on familars.
  • SilentJudicatorSilentJudicator
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    Couldn't agree more with the posts above. The drop rate for some very low level common familiars are RIDICULOUSLY rare. I hunted with friends, all of which had a drop rate familiar, green pendant holy symbol and other drop rate gears. None of us were able to even complete basic sets in under one hour. We're talking about 3 familiars here to complete the basic badge and the Rien badge.

    Not to mention that there will be absolutely no way for players (the non paying ones anyways) to even complete any badges with a boss in the set. They rarely (if ever) dropped a familiar card before revamp and have no confirmed drops as of now.