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Hayato Force Quit by Prompt at Random

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edited April 2020 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Crash, Force Quit by Prompt

Brief bug summary: At random intervals, playing the Hayato class can lead to "Illegal Program / Malicious Code Detected, Force quit" prompt as well as an ingame prompt by the "GM Police". Has happened during training at the Temple of Time, and has also happened while playing "Maximum Impulse" mini-game.

More details:

I've been playing a Hayato for Mega Burning, and I've never had an issue until around level 140 to 153 (Has been fine until roughly after 2nd Unscheduled maintenance). From 140 on, I've been consistently running into this issue, and usually only while I'm on a Discord call with my stepbrother. I've notice that this only occurs on Hayato, and not any other one of my characters (Kinesis & Aran, are the only ones I've been playing other than my Hayato)-- It seems to occur only when actively attacking, as I've been able to just lay idle in the pixel sauna without any problems. I am not using peripheral software (Logitech G Hub), and I usually only have Chrome, MS and Discord (Active call) when playing.

*I have not experienced this problem while leveling from 1 to 202 on my Kinesis (Pre-Pixel Event), or on my Aran 30 to 70 (Post 2nd Unscheduled Maintenance -> Post 3rd Unscheduled Maintenance)

Steps to reproduce:
-Using Hayato class
-Train on any map
-Jump and spam auto attack while dealing damage (Normal Stance, [Battoujutsu Leap] + [Sanrenzan] to [Hitokiri Strike]) (Note: Maxed out 1st to 4th Job skills)
-Within 5-10* minutes, game crashes
*average time for me personally

Character name: BootlegBride

Character level: 153

Character job: Hayato

World name: Elysium

Date and time of the incident: 7:30 - 8:30 MST


  • ThatRandomShadeThatRandomShade
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    edited April 2020
    Adding to this, was playing my kanna to cap event coins when I crashed with the same message about malicious code, and once again when afking in ludi, so i'm assuming it can happen to anyone at any time?
  • EZCrazyDKEZCrazyDK
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    I've been experiencing a lot lately when I'm farming or doing dailies. I'm at Reboot and its annoying.
  • KhongiKhongi
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    edited April 2020
    I just submitted a ticket myself on this. #939440

    I was on pathfinder, as soon as the second pixel warrior was due and I popped my CDs I go this "Illegal Program / Malicious Code Detected, Force quit" and the game closed.

    Semi freaking because
    1) I don't now why I got this when I wasn't dong anything wrong, It's making me anxious.
    2) As a returning player I want to work on my pixel points to get gear from the store but now really worried this will keep happening leading to a ban.
    3) I don't now what to do moving forward, do I not play the game now? do I play the game as normal?

    I was on Elysium (prior to that Reboot)
  • ProphetieProphetie
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    edited April 2020
    It happened multiple times to me too since the v213 update
    Once while defeating the very last monster needed for a quest, once while AFK in the event map, once while collecting reward from a daily quest and some others.
    All on different characters on Reboot
    I checked my background processes and there's literally nothing that's not Windows-related beside Maplestory and the Launcher.
    I was scared so I switched over to a different laptop and the problem persists.
    I, too, would like to know if it is safe to play the game