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Newbie looking for friends.

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Nice to meet you all.
I'm new to the game and am looking for friends to play with. I played for a bit but felt lonely playing by myself.
If anyone would like to play with me, please let me know.
I have no established server so I can join any server.
Thank you!! >x<


  • Angel24LawAngel24Law
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    Scania user...
  • DeputyDerpyDeputyDerpy
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    If you're still looking for a friend, I'm from Reboot NA. Just hit me up if you decide to join:
    IGN - lilxchibi
    I do have characters other than Reboot, but I don't really play on them anymore so I mean if you do decide to play a different server other than reboot NA, then that's okay. I can still try to be your friend ^^
  • Fredo4LFredo4L
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    Come to Aurora server for sure !!!

    IGN : WarofWolves