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Pin for Storage?

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edited April 2020 in Rants and Raves
While it is a bit clunky compared to the old sign in pin, I understand it gives a little more security. But is there really a need for having to use the pin to gain access to storage? If someone has already hacked in to my account then having the same pin for storage is easy access to my storage. At best it si a waste of time and irritating. it is not needed as I see it so why do this unless i tis to aggravate us Maplers.


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    edited April 2020
    I would argue the PIC has never been about stopping hackers, rather it prevents anyone from maliciously screwing with your already-logged-in account.

    Which would mean that it's been useless for its entire existence but hey
  • AlexKarevAlexKarev
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    The design is neat, but overall an nuisance
  • PeepPeep
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    You shouldn't have to enter the pic after you've entered it the first time after logging in.