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Stuck in game guard trying to load

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It was going so well but been staring at this 40mins now.

Yesterday, game works fine, this morning (I'm international) it can't get past this NGS. Tried all troubleshooting, yes turning computer on and off as well, can't fix this.



  • cartiantycartianty
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    Cant log in at all for 5 days now and nobody seems to care. Even enterd a ticket and still no reply or solution.
  • KhongiKhongi
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    @cartianty - need to ask some things (1) did you AFK and while AFK got booted from the game and since then can't log in? I only ask because my problem started when I AFK in the event roller rink, while AFK the game booted me and ever since I've encountered this problem. (2) If you didn't get booted did you log off in the event map? the roller rink? (3) are you international? Because I am and I' wondering if this is a international issue. (4) did this happen when playing in reboot? I wasn't in reboot when this happened.

    Just trying to get as much info to steer us in the right direction to a solution.

    This is mental!!

    I've tried

    - uninstall/reinstall
    - clearing cache
    - resolution (soScreenMode 3)
    - admin run (which was working until yesterday)
    - repair
    - restart pc
    - AppCompatFlags (nothing was listed)
    - Flushed DNS
    - cleared the way with my antivirus
    - Moved it to steam
    - new download on steam

    The only other popular "fix" that I didn't do because it made zero sense to me was step #6 http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/21466/possible-solutions-maplestory-not-launching/p1 , lost in translation because I didn't understand a word of this and never could find the files.

    So painful, why do I need to know computers this well in order to play a game? Far too much is placed back on the player, never had I needed to know my computer and it's functions for a game like I do for this game, I feel like someone needs to give me a diploma in computer science after the two days I've had trying to solve this. Sadly I think we're own our own here so if I find a fix I promise to post back (assume no post = I've given up), after scrolling through so many tech forum pages I've yet to see an official nexon technician post a thing on this sub-forum only forum mods, which is disheartening.

    I'm not getting errors, just the game is not activating past NGS, task manager shows NGS is thinking.... very.... slowly 0.01% blips here and there. It's just after an hour it's still there doing nothing. It's driving me nuts now.

    EDIT: not a fix but I'm using my work laptop to run the game right now. It was a fresh download from steam. This is only a short term solution as I'm only getting away with it because we're working from home RN. Not allowed to play games on work equipment so I still need to find a fix for us on my gaming laptop.
  • DanDarkHolmeDanDarkHolme
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    I have somewhat similar issue, i haven't even been able to play at all for 2 weeks.
    It's way too troublesome having so do so much stuff just to be able to Launch the game and start to play.
    Is nothing being done about this issue?
  • KhongiKhongi
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    haven't found a solution, ticket support zero helpful.
  • NyongNyong
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    ok ... u have windows 10 or win 7 ? win 10 is ridiculus due to the uptades and slow for up anyones games ... but try to restore system first step