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Monster Pyramid...

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edited May 15 in Rants and Raves
Why are some people just so rude for no reason in here?

Had a guy defame me because I said if we worked together it goes smoothly.


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Because people are dicks
  • rebuiltrebuilt
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    not justifying defaming over that, but i have had a lot of people get upset at me for not doing the "22111" strategy and "breaking the system"

    i play monster pyramid to have fun and because i enjoy that it is a competitive game but a lot of people seem to get legitimately upset about that (why don't they cap coins in a solo way like pixel skies?)

    so perhaps that person was tired of being yelled at for playing competitively haha, but i am sorry you got defamed
  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    Had some guy getting angry over not "trying to reach the top". Like, boi, its a competitive game, you can't expect people to just play like you want. Doesn't help that the meta of this event is cap as many characters as possible, people don't have patience to just co op.
  • ToreishiToreishi
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    Salty people is why I no longer play minigames.