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Mix dye coupon for hair is gone?

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edited April 2020 in General Chat
I searched cash shop for mix dye coupon for hair and couldn't find it. is it gone?


  • SpiritFoxGamingSpiritFoxGaming
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    edited May 2020
    I also just searched for it and didn't find it, So I googled it and found this Thread. Kinda annoying they didn't give us a warning. I know it was removed when they changed the Cash Shop layout, But it got added back into the game, now it's gone again?
  • OccireOccire
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    edited May 2020
    It's a bit late, but if you're looking for an explanation, they've added it to the current patch's patch notes:
    [Updated May 7] Mix Dye Coupon and Mystery Mix Dye Coupon have been removed from the Cash Shop. They will be available for a limited time in future sales.