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POLL: Cash Transfer for Adele Release!

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I know it's usually once a year, but if we have enough votes, I'm sure Nexon would take it semi-seriously. I think I speak for the majority but if not, please vote. I'd love to have all our hard-earned NX items & permanent teleport rocks available for the Adele release.
Your votes help us all.
  1. Would you like to see a cash transfer event for Adele release?11 votes
    1. Yes
       82% (9 votes)
    2. No
       18% (2 votes)
    3. I'm not bothered
       0% (0 votes)


  • DestellosDestellos
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    it would be one of the most amazing things Nexon could do with maple, allow world cash transfer. i have a couple of characters that i no longer use and i would like to transfer that NX to them, please Nexon let us transfer our cash items within the same world :(
  • JushiroNetJushiroNet
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    edited May 2020
    I'm for this but it doesn't matter.

    Nexon plans their events 6+ months ahead and has zero flexibility. It's honestly perplexing a software company can operate this way.

    It's also shocking they haven't implemented a way for us to pay to move individual cash items whenever we want. (think psok for cash items within your account). In addition to the regularly occurring cash transfer event.